Dingo Brown is a Furniture and Joinery business operated by owner Ben Watts.

Ben’s focus is on custom built, one off pieces, tailored to client specifications.

Ben operates from his workshop in Brunswick and creates each piece using traditional joinery and woodworking techniques, along with water based finishes and sustainably managed timbers.

Looking beyond commercial success and further into the future, Ben believes businesses play a key role in giving back to the communities in which they operate.

A broad range of life experiences has shaped Ben’s business philosophy and he is proud to share with you - Dingo Brown.

custom design | one-off | made to order


Our environment is changing; it is no secret that without significant changes to the way we produce, consume and dispose we are headed for some kind of environmental disaster.

Here at Dingo Brown we don’t shy away from the fact our products are made from trees, a critical resource to the survival of humankind.

Our mindful approach ensures we only source our materials from suppliers who are PEFC™ & FSC® certified.

PEFC™ & FSC® forest certification starts in the forests and supports timber supply chains that practice healthy forests, healthy communities and healthy workers.

If you would like more information please head over to the contact page and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

10% donated | sustaainable | locally made


We realised transparency is key in enabling our consumers to understand where their money goes, which is why we decided to add our costing wheel at the bottom of each product listed on the website. This transparency is integrated into every quote we issue, in order for our customers to better understand our process and the work that goes into making quality, locally made products. The costing wheel depicts a percentage breakdown of where your money is headed so we can have open dialogue from the very beginning, this also ensures there are no hidden surprises.

We are happy to hand over a total break down of costs involved for any project we take on.

honesty | transparency | quality


We believe giving back to the community is the key to a sustainable future. That’s why 10% of profits from our capsule ranges are donated back to Bush Heritage Australia. Bush Heritage Australia is an independent not-for-profit that buys and manages land, and also partners with Aboriginal people, to conserve our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species forever. On our days off we live for the outdoors so we want to do our bit to make sure at least some of the country isn’t dug up or cracked open to extract obsolete and toxic ‘resources’. Bush Heritage Australia does a brilliant job of managing the plethora of environmental issues we are currently facing here in Australia. To find out more click Bush Heritage Australia to be directed to their website.